First of all, yes, I am here, healthy, and available!

In January 2020 I decided to focus on the best: clients who have visited, and nice prospects who haven't booked yet.

Accordingly, I no longer advertise on the Eros Guide. In part because you already know me, and how to reach out, but also because Eros has degenerated terribly. The photos they accept now are like old Craigslist ads. Unsurprisingly, the viewers are worse now, too.

This website has been also changed, reduced to this single page. Why? Because clients should recall what I look like, and what my services are. If you've not visited yet, I might text a small photo, after we book.

How to reach me now
My phone number still works.
The email address still works, or you can use the form below.

The email form, clients
Use this to book, if you'd rather not phone. Also, use this to request a monthly email message with my latest news and a favorite photo from yesteryear.
* Be sure to include your current contact info and also, importantly, the phone and email used when we last met.

The email form, prospects
If you've not visited yet, call me to book. We can discuss any questions over the phone. If you lost my number, use the form to re-introduce yourself and I'll send the phone number.

The email form, everyone
I keep amazing records. But if you cannot remember your prior email or phone, we are both out of luck. "I'm John and saw you a few years ago" is not sufficient.

Thank you for your continued interest ...



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