Paying For It:
3 Myths Debunked

"Gosh Juliette, I really want to be with you. I just don't know if I can bring myself to pay for it."

Really now.

Buying sex is the oldest transaction known to our branch of the animal kingdom. Even male chimpanzees exchange their hard earned peanuts and bananas for sexual favors (fact).

But like everything else, civilized people complicate this simple act, distorting through a lense of guilt, angst, and ignorance, yielding misconceptions that simply do not stand up to scrutiny in the clear light of day.

"A financial transaction makes the experience less personal."

Not with me. Or any gurl who knows her stuff. Because I want your repeat business, I make our time together as friendly, relaxed, and positive as possible, so the memory is still warm when next month's paycheck arrives.

I want to please you, pure and simple. Does your wife or GF always do that?

Will she even grudgingly consent to do what I perform willingly?

(Didn't think so.)

"Paying for sex is immoral."

Experts agree that morality needs to be divorced from all aspects of sex. But if you cannot extract your head from a traditional, church-bound mental hole, remember this: if you're middle-aged, you've already spent MONTHS of your life viewing pornography. Maybe years.

How moral is that? Supporting an industry that victimizes its women, and rewards only the men who retail their efforts? And just what are you doing to yourself, while viewing that pornography?

Nothing any Church sanctions, I assure you.

"Seeing an escort is too expensive."

Wrong, wrong, wrong. My favorite - the dumbest myth of all.

The hard economic truth is this: paying for sex is LESS expensive than dating.
Unless you're 20 and your idea of a date is the $7 matinee and a Big Mac (Dutch treat) then a typical dinner for two, concert or theater tickets, with drinks after will run AT LEAST $125 to $200.

The average woman waits until the third date for sex -- if she puts out at all. So that's $375 to $600 minimum for (maybe) one instance of sex.

With an amateur.

Who may or may not be all that attractive anyways.

And you married men ... who wed for the "free sex", and are now paying, day in, day out, and in fiendish ways not even Dante imagined ... you know what I mean.

So ...

Can you possibly bring yourself to pay for sex? With a talented, beautiful escort, willing to please for the repeat patronage?

The question should be: How can you NOT?