Intimacy in the
New Economy
NOTE: This was written in 2008, just after Obama's election win. The real estate bubble had burst, and blown up much of the economy with it. Uncertainty reigned, and spending plunged. So there are anachronistic references, and some practices, like "touring", are way, way in my rear view mirror now.


But in the chaos of our current moment, there's also much of relevance here. Not least, the idea that, especially in lean or "disapproving" times, providers are extremely necessary -- and need to be provided for!


Well gentlemen, its time to acknowledge the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Namely ... that most of us are not as well off as we were, even just 2 months ago.

Yes, I've noticed a downturn in my clients, even among some "regulars". Its nobody's fault. Its the world we live in now. Men with steady work want to save more against a rainy day. Retirees find they have less income. And some fellows have no income at all.

The question is ... how do I respond? How might this affect the way Juliette does business?

Cutting my rates will simply not happen. I'm already priced lower than other Premium providers, and haven't raised rates in 2 years. That's right ... 2 years. Can you say as much for any other professional?

Besides, those seeking my company are not looking for a bargain, they're looking for a memorable experience. In some cases their very first transgender encounter. And always slow, sensuous, and very personal.

I'm not the stuff of bargain bins!

Please understand that "half hour" rates are just another name for discount. Worse, they negate the Girlfriend Experience by eliminating time needed for true intimacy. It becomes "all business" if you know what I mean. No thanks. There are still girls on street corners or Craig's List for that malarkey.


The challenge at hand, for everyone, is to keep enjoying life!

Businessmen know there is a better alternative -- and that's where I'm going. I'm developing my client base. If seeing each client less often, one needs to find more clients. Simple.

So In the coming months you may find me on the road more often, travelling this great land, bringing my special kind of intimacy to a wider audience.

And here in Chicago, I'll be offering a wider range of services. Massage. Cross-dressing for Clients. Role-playing. All packaged in a way to make me simply ... irresistible!

Our new President has made it clear. All of us will have to sacrifice, all of us have to work harder, to pull the country out of this economic crisis. I'm ready to do my part.

Meantime, the challenge at hand for everyone is to keep enjoying life!

America's Puritan past comes to the surface in such times. You know, the "If it feels good, it must be bad" school of thinking. And if money is involved, surely the devil is close at hand. Heavens!

Of course, nothing is further from the truth. We still need to be caressed, and share physical joy, and reach out to another human being with our entire mind and body. Intimacy is not a "frivolous pleasure". Its what makes us civilized, happy and whole human beings.

So whatever the condition of your wallet, understand that you're always welcome here. If some months or years have passed since your last visit, please email or phone me. Stay in touch. Let me know how you're doing. We shall always be "special friends", even if our visits are less frequent.

And those of you still waiting to take the plunge ... get with it! Don't keep hunting down bargains, and pursuing disappointing outcomes. What you need is a special girl, to provide an experience you shall remember forever.

Anything less is simply bad economics!

For richer or poorer,