My Wonderful Life: A Year in Review

Originally published Dec 30, 2009


First of all, my apologies for not journaling here more often. I do realize that for every gentleman who crosses my threshold, thousands more still just comb my website, working up nerve to finally visit and start living their dreams. And with all my videos and photos, ironically its this journal here that feels the most personal.

So its time to catch you up, and share a few big events from 2009 making a continuing impact on my life.

As most know, the physical aspects of my gender transition are still in-progress from my early days of  TV (transvestite) Juliette. And this year, even without surgeries, the miracle of modern pharmaceuticals has brought some welcome developments.  I've finally blossomed into an A cup brassiere. The same substances have softened my skin, hair, and other surface areas you enjoy touching. Just small doses, over time, create these all wonders -- while not affecting other precious parts, so near and dear to both you and I.


My best expression of gratitude is simply the care and energy poured into every date.

This year also finds me well into a program of electrolysis. Getting rid of that beard. So my favorite pastime is even more enjoyable, endowing my many kissable parts with extra velvety smoothness.

As for business, like everywhere its been a down year. Turnout "on the road" has suffered most, and until further notice, my touring will be on hiatus. Here in Chicago however, the hit has been less than anticipated. Though some clients have lost jobs or been downgraded, my my still phone rings and my rent gets paid.  So it could be a lot worse.

And personally, this has been an exciting year indeed. My diverse hobbies -- yoga, bicycling, photography, and guitar -- have broken new ground. I'm also in better health than ever.


So I approach 2010 with tremendous enthusiasm and continued curiosity for life.  More than ever before, I count my many blessings. My adoring, loving clients. My profession that challenges and rewards in so many ways. My life in a city that's second to none, a great place to live and play (and, since we lost our Olympic bid, it won't be a chaotic construction site through 2016! Good news for all Chicagoans.) So yes, I am very fortunate. And I know it.

My best expression of gratitude is simply the care and energy poured into every date. As my gentlemen can attest, I am enthusiastic, and am open to new ideas, always endeavoring to expand my professional horizons.

More than ever, if you continue to find reasons not to visit, the loss is truly yours. I urge you to start the New Year right, and plan that vacation to Chicago. Take in a Cubs game, see the sites. Then of course, "come on up, and see me sometime!" Particularly if you've never enjoyed a trans girl before, you won't find one that's better educated, more considerate, down to earth, and devoted to your pleasure than this one right here.

That's the nice thing about gratitude. It can run both ways.

So keep reading, fans. All my best for a super-happy 2010.