Essential Info

In Call
North side, nr Loop & O'Hare

Out Call
At my discretion only

By phone, 1 day notice please

9 am to 9 pm, every day

1 Hr  $300   2 hr  $500  3 hr $600

Call Me Now

E-Mail Juliette


About Juliette


Solid mid-western values.
Excelled at my studies,
Real-world corporate experience.


Escorting since 2005.  I'm a mature adult, not a kid.  Sensitive, intelligent, & considerate.


This is not a job, its a calling.
I fulfill a critical need.
Meet interesting gentlemen,
Exercise lots of creativity.


Your personality > appearance.

Good communication, respect.
Sense of humor. Pos attitude.
These get me relaxed, and hot.

Reaching Out


By phone call only.

Blocked calls never answered.
No landlines. Cell calls please.

By text

Not unless I've said OK. Please.

By email

Quotes on longer dates.

Inquiries about availability.

Advance Notice


At least 1 day or more ahead.
Travellers: phone when your  flight is booked.

Don't be disappointed.

Same-day service

Sometimes -- but usually not.
Like you, I have a full, active life. Plan ahead.


Chicago north side, 15 minutes from O'Hare, 10 minutes from downtown. Charming, safe neighborhood & great parking. 

CTA bus, L train & Metra.
Great Uber, Lyft & taxi coverage.
Cabbing? I'll phone your return ride.

Here in my apartment I provide a friendly, intimate, and sensual experience. Much happier  -- and safer -- for us both.

At my discretion only, for:
- repeat clientele.
- scheduled far ahead. 
- to upscale hotels only.
Min 2 hours + $100 outcall fee.

First Date

Your fee, in cash.
A good attitude.

That is, prepared to enjoy yourself, and me.

Always appreciated, never required.
Flowers, wine, lingerie, hosiery, scented candles


Please bring a bottle and enjoy it here with me.

If intoxicated or impaired upon arrival, I will end our date.
No other substances. Ever.


Requesting half-hours, etc. means immediate termination of the date.

Read why:
  "Paying for It: 3 Myths Debunked"

The Clock
Intimacy cannot be hurried.

You'll enjoy the entire time booked.

One hour is one hour. Always.

Extending: only if time allows. Normal rates apply.

The Experience

I like to date
The thrill of exploring your partner, for the very first time; an exciting rush of physical intimacy fostered by mutual trust.

Specific activities are relatively unimportant.  Its the connection that counts -- the sizzle, not the steak. So don't get hung up on "What Can We Do?"   I don't.

Top or Bottom ?
By temperament and physical preference, I am most comfortable as the girl.

That said, I am expert at providing very stimulating amusement if you're looking to bottom.
Please read my In Depth article:
"Behind the Back Door"

Please Please Me
Making out. Heavy petting. Foreplay. This is what its all about. 

I greatly enjoy being pampered, teased. Driven out of my mind.

Remember, my response results from your skills, and our mutual chemistry.  A date is not a porn film, no obligatory "money shot". Let this go, and we'll both enjoy ourselves more.


My wardrobe ranges from formal to casual to kinky.  Your clothing gifts are also welcome, and a delight to wear.

Cross-dressers:  Please bring your own. Change here. That's firm.

Run it By Me
Want activities beyond typical "first date"? Ask during our booking call. I'll give a yes or no.

Do not ask via email. This is a red flag for me. Those who write, seldom do.

What if I just want to talk?
Wonderful, and not so unusual. Nobody is obliged to perform. This is about the moment, and fun. Always.

Mistress Juliette?
I am not a dominatrix, and being feminine, not aggressive by nature.  But I enjoy light BDSM, role-playing and certain fetishes.

Again, discuss when you call.



For more, please see my In Depth article, "Your Place or Mine?".

Two Bodies in One Place

Truly, this is the biggest challenge of my profession ... the logistics of meeting  up.

Some clients make their provider  incur the risk, expense and effort. Service always suffers - always.

So I don't "tour" to selected cities, and only do outcalls for very select clients, on longer dates.

Travel ... to Juliette
I live in a great city, near the nation's busiest airport. Arrange a fun Chicago day-trip. Or schedule a layover between O'Hare flights.  I run the best "VIP Lounge" in the midwest.

Private Travel
A true fantasy date. More romantic. More time to explore one another. The ultimate in Juliette.  Please write for details.